Frequently Ask Questions

How to get money
  • RD pawnshop or M. LHUILLIER

    1. Go To RD pawnshop or M. LHUILLIER

    2. Fill up KYC form and withdraw Form

    3. Apply form to cashier

    4. Present 2 valid IDs

    Frist ID ➢ Provide apply loan of Identification id card to cashier to claim money.

    Second ID ➢ Prepare the second Identification id card for backup incase cashier ask beneficiary to provide it. ➢ Sometimes cashier will doubt the legality of id card or id card has damage, the cashier will ask for the second id card to verify.

    About Valid IDs you can reference to below of url,

    M. Lhuillier

    Can’t claim money

    1. Beneficiary can’t claim money because the cashier said the control number is invalid !!
    Ans : More than 90% of reason is beneficiary doesn’t exactly tell cashier the remittance is from SKYPAY

    2. Beneficiary exactly tell the remittance is from SKYPAY, Why they still can’t claim money?
    Ans : Sometimes the cashier doesn’t trust the beneficiary. They might be said the control number is invalid to use as an excuse. When you meet this situation, please ask beneficiary to call our customer service to get help, our staff will call to beneficiary to assist them to claim money.

    MLuillier Pick Up Cash Customer Service No.
    0947 999 0337
    0947 999 2721
    0947 999 0522
    0917 871 2973

    Pick Up Cash Customer Service No.
    0999 590 3040
    0999 590 3042
    0927 558 0141
    0927 558 0175

  • Bank, Gcash, Coins
    We will send the money to your account automatically
How to repay your loan
  • RD pawnshop

    1. Go To RD pawnshop or M. LHUILLIER

    2. Get the MLhuillier bills payment


  • 7-11 (7 ELEVEN)

    1. Find 7-11 (7 Eleven) or other stores with EC-pay(CLIQQ App).

    2. Find Bills payment and choose skypay.

    3. Input your contract number and your repay amount..

    4. Print the Bill and pay this bill.

    7-11 (7 Eleven) machine offline, download and intall CLIQQ app.

    Download Here

    When 7-11 (7 Eleven) machine offline,

    Open CLIQQ app, Search SkyPay, input Contract Number,mobile number and repay amount, Click Confirm to create a bar code.

    7-11 (7 Eleven) cashier to scan then pay the bill. Well done!

    open GCASH app

How To Loan
  • Step One: Apply
    Follow the steps to fill in the application, make sure all information are accurate and complete.
  • Step Two: Waiting for approval
    Please make sure your phone is contactable. You will be notify with the result via the Apps within 1 working days.
  • Step Three: Get the money
Apply Concerns
  • 1. Any feedback of my application?
    You will be given an app notification and SMS once the application is approved. Please wait patiently.
  • 2. How long does it take to know if my loan is approved?
    We will feedback the result of your evaluation within 1 working days
  • 3. How to get the money if approved?
    Your loan will be transferred to the remittance center you have chosen within 15minutes to 24 hours after you received the notification that your loan is approved. Open CashBee app and get the control number and bring the ID you use to apply loan at the remittance center you have chosen.
  • 4. Why was my application denied? Can I apply again?
    We are sorry that your application has not been approved. Please be advised that our evaluation is based on the information you provided, the analysis of our evaluators and the risk control system. You can apply 7 days later and make sure that the informatio provided is accurate and complete. We look forward to serving you again.